Rich Benchoff

rich benchoff

Rich is a Founding Partner of Radon Detection and Control in Pittsburgh, PA. RDC was established in 1986. Radon Detection and Control has installed over 25,000 Residential Mitigation Systems and thousands of Mitigation Systems in Schools, Apartment Complexes, Churches and Commercial Properties.

Prior to Radon Detection and Control, Rich worked in the Commercial Nuclear Power Industry (Construction and Modification) in the NDE Inspection, Radiation Training, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance Departments. Rich also worked for Pittsburgh Testing Laboratories.

Rich has handled daily operations for Radon Detection and Control since 1986 and serves as Chief Financial Officer. His background in Radiation Training and Business Degree have given him a uniquely common-sense understanding of Radon Issues. Rich handles many unusually large or complicated projects. He has been a member of Tri State Chapter of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists. Rich gives talks on Radon to various groups at various venues.

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Radon Detection and Control
P.O. Box 419 4027 Jordan Street
South Heights, PA 15081
(724) 375-1700

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