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The question we are most often asked by our customers is, “How much radon is safe?”. The answer, unfortunately, is “none.” However, inside or outside, radon is everywhere. The EPA has come up with guidelines for what is an acceptable level of radon gas in a home. As a radon company in Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to helping our customers lowering their radon exposure.

Radon is measured in pCi/L, or picocuries per liter. The EPA has established that any home which has a radon reading of above 4 pCi/L of radon needs to undergo radon removal. However, even levels of 2pCi/L of radon is still hundreds of times more harmful to us than the carcinogens allowed by the FDA in our food and water. Finding out how much radon is in the air you breathe can be completed with simple radon testing by Radon Detection and Control.

Sources of radon in your air include:

  • Soil
  • Well Water
  • Outdoor Air
  • Building Materials
  • Public Water Supply

Of course, we all take risks in our activities. If you work in the sun, smoke, drive or eat poorly, you take risks. But you choose to take these risks. The question is finding the level of radon in your home which is acceptable to you.

If you have any questions about how the radon in your home is affecting you, contact Radon Detection and Control today. We specialize in radon testing and mitigation.

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