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Vapor intrusion has received amplified focus during the last couple of years near contaminated sites because some pollutants have the potential to migrate directly into nearby structures and negatively have an effect on indoor air quality. The accumulation of these volatile gases in buildings can lead to substantial safety and health problems.

To properly assess vapor intrusion a thorough examination of the structure's ventilation system and subsurface conditions must be carried out by a knowledgeable professional from Radon Detection and Control who is in accordance with state and federal established processes.

The examination procedure generally incorporates a comprehensive building chemical inventory, the advancement of soil gas probes and the group of soil gas samples. Whenever indoor air quality issues are discovered they are able to typically be remedied through the modification/installation of a properly developed ventilation system.

Radon Detection and Control is well familiar with EPA and State vapor intrusion investigation procedures. We've finished a lot of vapor intrusion and indoor air quality scientific studies at business and industrial organizations and homes. We have the knowledge to recognize and resolve indoor vapor intrusion challenges and the practical know-how to solve indoor quality issues in an efficient and economical way.

Please contact us for more information about vapor intrusion services in WV and PA and we'll be glad to help you!

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